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        It's easy for samples to be collected, but for samples to be collected and preserved at the same time without users being exposed to toxic preservatives, not so much. SIB Medical is hoping to change that.
        We're making it cost effective, safer, easy to transport, and simple to use. We reduce specialized shipping, which may involve dry ice or large liquid nitrogen tanks, eliminate user exposure and interactions with toxic preservatives, and we make it easier and compact, can fit inside a pocket, with no long instructional booklets to follow.

About SIB Medical

Efficient, safe, easy to transport and use

SIB Medical is a medical device company with a one of a kind sample collection and preservation device. Established in 2012 from a Wayne State University Technology, the device is backed by nearly a collective of 45 years of experience from Wayne State University School of Medicine's doctors and researchers.

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How we work?


The Values

Safe & Simple to Use

Most collection and preservation devices expose the patient or user to toxic preservatives. Our device's preservative is inaccessible to non-scientists, making it ideal for nearly any user. With only a lever to pull, the device is simple to use, spill-proof, and requires only one hand, eliminating errors or spills.

Various Preservatives & Universal Applications

The preservative chamber can be removed and filled with any type of preservatives, expanding the types of tests performed and specimens or samples preserved.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Specialized shipping which may involve refrigeration, dry ice, or large liquid nitrogen tanks, is eliminated, greatly reducing the costs necessary in preserving and transporting samples. Instead of samples tested one by one due to fear of molecular degradation, batches can be run at once, increasing efficiency.

Compact & Durable

About the size of regular collection bottles, however packed with the all-in-one preservation process, the device can be easily transported without the need for large liquid nitrogen tanks or dry ice. It is made of leading medical industry standard materials and plastics. Can be stacked, labeled, and ordered color-coded.

Cancer/Disease Screening

Screening Saves Lives

DNA is the gold standard in identification and reliability in clinical microbiology. Analyzing DNA allows perfect matching as every living thing has its own unique genomic code. Preserving and extending the life and structural component of DNA is essential and allows certainty and reliability.

Quick Facts:

  • Unreliable screenings and malpractices costs the medical industry millions
  • 90% of Americans with Colorectal Cancer are over the age of 50
  • Nearly 35K lives can be saved from early screening

Hospital and Surgical Use

Tissue/Sample Collection & Preservation is crucial

Hospitals and surgeries, including veterinary use, require a quick and efficient process to collect and preserve samples or tissues during surgeries. The device has to be simple and quick to use while also effective in maintaining the molecular structure for further analysis.

Quick Facts:

  • 6.5 million surgeries could benefit from sample collection and preservation
  • 4 million veterinary surgeries occur every year
  • The medical industry is in need of a more efficient and effective collection device

Forensics & Crime Scene Lab Kits

Identification or Innocence of Crime

Nearly $1.5 Billion of the Forensics category relies on DNA Collection and analysis, and ensuring that the molecular structure remains preserved is crucial to any evidence.

The device preserves tissues leading to identification during accidents or other crime use.

Conveniently fits in pocket and leak-proof.

Quick Facts:

  • Market of nearly $1.5 Billions and projected to grow
  • Currently 301 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States
  • Largest segments of the forensics market are DNA testing and fingerprinting/biometrics

NGOs & Emergency/Crisis Usage

Relief or International uses

Numerous Non-Govermental Organizations exists in the United States that are specific to health and relief efforts and can benefit tremendously from a simlple and easily transportable device enabling sample collection and preservation for further analysis.

Quick Facts:

  • Nearly 400 NGOs reflect health, science, or relief efforts in the U.S.
  • Nearly 25K worldwide in the same category as above
  • Durability is a key issue in sample collection in international markets


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